Our Story

Woof Woof! Hello friend. Welcome to Darren and Phillip, we're so glad you’ve come to visit us.

We're guessing you're here because you want to get some super cool threads for your best friend, so let me and my bro tell you a little about us and what you can expect from our range.

First off, allow me to introduce ourselves. I'm Darren (the devilishly handsome guy on the left) and he's Phillip (the Garfield of dogs) on the right. The girl in the middle is Mum. Well, we call her Mum but other people call her 'Jen'. She's the brains behind the whole operation (We're just here for the looks).

In case you haven't seen us about the traps on Facebook or Instagram, we're kind of a big deal to our Mum. And a few hundred thousand dog lovers around the world too, but who's counting.

We're pretty well known for our silly personalities and amazing snuggling abilities, but also for our mega stylish wardrobe.

It PAINS me to admit this but until our Darren and Phillip range was released, Mum had us dressed in baby clothes. That's right BABY clothes.

She justified this because there was simply nothing cute or stylish enough on the shelves for dogs. The baby clothes were at least on par with the sort of style Mum and Dad would wear. And you could always find something that was fun, cute and on trend for a baby but never for us dogs.

That's how our brand was born.

Created with the desire to have your pet looking as cool as the rest of the family. Because dogs are family too! We're basically just fur children according to Mum.

Our range is inspired by top trends and is based on our very own personas - playful, stylish, cute and a little cheeky. Well, we are a LOT cheeky, but our tee's and jumpers are only a little cheeky because serious style is something you don't mess around with. 

Our designs have a simplistic feel and use a classic colour palette (yes I know, sophisticated words) to show your pup off as well as you present yourself.

Mum insisted on making sure our garments fit dogs REALLY well. Because there's nothing worse than a jumper that's too tight around our buff chests or too loose around our tapered hips #yesweworkout. We need to be comfortable whilst killing people with cuteness.

All of our pieces have been designed by Mum here in Australia and she only used the finest quality super soft fabrics, because she knows that all fur babies deserve only the best of everything. We remind her of this daily.

Besides the idea of being responsible for the world’s hounds becoming super stylish, there's a bigger purpose behind our brand.


Our Purpose


Many of you would already know this, but some people think Staffies and Pitties are vicious. Yep, they think we're mean, not to be trusted and can attack on the drop of a hat.


Unless you're talking about attacking a large pizza, a dozen donuts and a strawberry shake in one sitting, or attacking you with face licks, then yes, we totally attack.

Because of this horrible stigma we have, there are many Staffies and Pitties out in the world that get treated poorly and left in shelters waiting to die. More than any other breed of dog, Staffies and Pitties get put to sleep in shelters year after year.

Our goal has always been to raise awareness for our loveable breed and show people what it's really like to have a Staffy or Pitty in the family. Unfortunately, raising awareness alone does not help the dogs that are already abandoned and stuck in shelters. This is why we are using our brand to help these dogs get the chance they deserve and find a life with a loving family.

We are proudly donating 20% of all proceeds from our clothing to Staffy and Pitty rescues across the world to help them rescue as many abandoned dogs as they can, give them food to eat, medical treatment, and find them loving homes to live in - much like your own.

This year we have chosen three Rescues to support and you can see who they are below.

Our Blueboys calendar has raised over $20,000 for rescues over the last two years and we are doing the same again this year. You can get your copy of our calendar here.

That's enough about us. Now it's your turn! We hope you enjoy our range. Remember that keeping a cute pup to yourself is a little selfish! So, make sure you spread the cuteness around when you receive your D&P threads by posting a photo to Instagram using #darrenandphillip this way we can check you out! #ifyouknowwhatimean #winkwink

Face licks and tail wags,

Darren and Phillip xoxo